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    It’s Getting Hard to Tell If a Painting Was Made by a Computer or a Human

    Rene CHUN - Sept 2017

    Cultural pundits can close the book on 2017: The biggest artistic achievement of the year has already taken place. It didn’t happen in a paint-splattered studio on the outskirts of Beijing, Singapore, or Berlin. It didn’t happen at the Venice Biennale. It happened in New Brunswick, New Jersey, just off Exit 9 on the Turnpike. Read More...

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    Can art be created by algorithms?


    So why are so many of these images (the full range of which you can see i so alluring? What does it know about me that I don’t? Why do I like them? And why do I feel like this is just the beginning? Read More...

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    What’s The Next Great Art Movement? Ask This Neural Network


    “Our system generates novel images from scratch, without any human in the loop who chooses the composition or what style to transfer. Our goal is to simulate the artist’s creative process, or at least some aspects of it, which is the role of deviation from established styles in creating new art.” Read More...

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    Is artificial intelligence set to become art’s next medium?

    Jonathan Bastable - August 2018

    but CAN is specifically programmed to produce novelty, something different from what it sees in the data set, which in this case consists of all manner of paintings from the 14th century on.  Read More...

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    Humans Prefer Computer-Generated Paintings to Those at Art Basel

    Claire Voon - July 2017

    Most recently, the lab’s team turned toward something a little different: it generated entirely new artworks using a new computational system that role plays as an artist, attempting to demonstrate creativity without any need for a human mind. Read More...

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    Is Art Created by AI Really Art?

    • David Pogue  - February 2018

    When AI creates compelling art, the meaning of creativity gets blurred. Read More...